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Welcome to the T. White Collection that features the works of T. White.  This site is dedicated to his paintings, murals, limited edition prints, books and commission works that have been collected by major corporations, celebrities, private residents, and special events over forty years.  We have brought together this unique collection which provides a full service gallery and includes from his art ... pottery, greeting cards, tea pots, funky furniture, and more.
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- The Beloved by T. White - Kindle eBook and Paperback book
The beloved is a journey into the turbulent times of the Middle Ages to discover the love of women. For truth and beauty come from them. This is a story of romance, adventure, mystery and a great discovery of an ancient scroll that was written by the Lord. This is not fiction; it is historical truth and is the rock that western religion sits on.
Kindle eBook: $3.99
Softcover: $16.00
Duffers at Pebble Beach
For 30 years T.White has  sold his art to many of the great professionals of golf. Now he is offering the Comedy of the great sport. Duffers are his observations at Pebble Beach.
4 mugs in a gift box...Gopher Power,full color wrap $50.00 free shipping,11 oz
plus Duffer greeting cards.